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Professional Security Leeds

Far too many companies rely solely on alarms and cctv. While these are all great deterrents they cannot provide the level of security required today.


One of our fully trained uniformed guards on a high profile basis will provide the best physical deterrent possible.

Professional Security Leeds

Our guards are fully trained for a variety of duties including reception, fire prevention and access control. All guards are in radio contact with our control room and many have cellular telephones.

Regular patrols of the premises and grounds are made with physical checks on doors, windows and any vehicles on the site.

Random supervisory visits are made to all premises to ensure that our guards are being as vigilant as we require.

We also operate a computerised guard control system (GCS) which records the time and place of each patrol made. A detailed log of the day or night’s events is also kept for later reference should this be required.

We are fully aware that our security guard is normally the first person you or your clients see and therefore we expect a high standard of appearance and conduct from all our guards. Regular contact between our management and client enables us to ensure the best possible service is given throughout the length of the contract.

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